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What to expect when introducing new foods to your little one!

Introducing new foods to your little one can be so hard! But yay we are doing it despite all the resistance and your reservations.

You might have gone all out. Found cool recipes on Instagram! Even bought different shape cutters. And yet the experience hasn't been anything like you expected.

Sometimes it's not as simple as offering the food and your little one coming to the table and enjoying these new foods.

One of the best things you can do from this point on........................... HAVE NO EXPECTATIONS!

Learning to eat new foods is hard and it takes time. A LOT of TIME! You may need to introduce foods a few times before your little one even acknowledges it let alone likes the food.

First thing to expect? They WILL likely IGNORE the food.

And hey that is ok. as we said before trying new foods is hard and one way your little one might cope to new foods being introduced, is to ignore them. If this does happen, try not to force your little one to interact with the food. Remember that all food exposure is good even if they didn't try it.

They might only eat the food they already like!

Children react differently with new foods. Some might be more welcoming, whereas others might refuse to even have these new foods in sight. Whatever the case, respect your child's limits. It can be frustrating but try not to take this at your child doesn't like these foods, it is a normal reaction. Keep at it!

Pressure will probably backfire!

Think your child could use a little push to trying new foods? The temptation to ask them to "take a bit" or "no ipad if you don't try" is so tempting. And while it may work in the moment, long term it could be causing more damage than you realise. Research suggests that pressure to eat may lead to your child feeling negatively towards certain foods.

Senses play an important role in the process!

Licking, touching and smelling all play a massive role in eating and introducing new foods. You may think that your little one is avoiding eating by doing these things. Infact these might be ways of your child exploring the foods so the know what to expect when they do eventually try the food.

Ready to introduce new foods to your fussy eater? Great, why not make a list of what foods we are going to try and use the above tips to help prepare yourself.

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