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Meet the Team

Award Winning Paediatric Dietitian
About: About

Her focus area is allergy, but she also enjoys working with families who have selective eaters and ensuring the full family feel confident to overcome this.



BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics
MSc Module in Paediatric Dietetics


Areas of speciality:

  • Allergies

  • Selective eating

  • Autism and ADHD

  • Enteral Feeding

  • Complex needs

  • Growth Concerns

Shannon Quigley, Specialist Paediatric Dietitian

Shannon is a Registered Paediatric Dietitian with over 8 years experience working in both public and private practice.  She has a wide range of experience helping children and their families face the ups and downs of feeding children.  


Shannon is very passionate about children’s nutrition and is a devoted supporter of improving children’s connections with food, to support a longer term healthier relationship throughout their life.


Shannon has completed two post graduate masters modules in;

 - Advanced Professional Practice in Paediatric Dietetics 

Evidenced based kids nutrition advice

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