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Overcoming fussy eating

Selective Eating

Do you wish your child would try new foods?  Do you want to stop cooking separate meals?  Do you dread mealtimes?

Well, let me tell you, you are not alone!  Did you know that lots of parent's struggle with what and how to feed their children?  As if parenting wasn't hard enough!  

You might feel like giving up but what if I told you there are effective strategies you can try to help make mealtimes less stressful and more fun!

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Work together with a registered Paediatric Dietitian to

Plan step by step strategies to help reduce pressure at mealtimes.

Ensure your child is getting all the nutrients that they need.

Explore proven techniques for acceptance of new foods.

Help you avoid common pitfalls of feeding children.

As a Registered Paediatric Dietitian, I am uniquely qualified to help your with feeding your child; whether you're breastfeeding, formula feeding or feeding an older toddler.  

You can be assured that all strategies I use are evidenced based and I have successfully used them to help other families.

I have undertaken post-graduate courses to upskill in areas of food psychology, sensory eating and extreme picky eating/food aversion.

I offer two options for support


Online course

My online feeding course is designed to manage fussy eating in children.  It covers a lot of proven feeding strategies that will help you manage selective eating.


1:1 consultation

1:1 consultation with a Registered Paediatric Dietitian. 

60 minute consultation.

Written resources

Individualised plan

Arrange a consultation

Pick a day and time that suits you

Tell me about your child and complete payment

Let's talk and help your family

Or why not arrange a discovery call today and we can make sure that this is the best option for you and your family

We attended a virtual consultation with Shannon as mealtimes were a nightmare.  Our child ate well at nursery and for other but at home we just couldn't get him to eat at all.  We had three sessions with Shannon, and he is now eating broccoli at home!  It might not sound like much but its massive for us

Anne-Marie, mum to Jacob

Evidenced based kids nutrition advice

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